13 November deadline for comments on the proposals for two 25 storey towers and a link to the railway footbridge in Cherry Orchard Rd


The deadline has passed to make individual comments on the planning proposals for two 25-floor tower blocks on Cherry Orchard Road and for a bridge link from the existing pedestrian footbridge across East Croydon Station to the proposed development site of the towers.   However, Croydon Councillors and MPs can still make comments until midnight on Monday, 13 November.

If you missed the deadline and still want your voice to be heard, you can contact

Some of the things you might like to comment on are

  • the height of the tower blocks
  • the appearance of the new buildings
  • whether they contain sufficient affordable housing
  • whether there is enough outdoor space for the new residents, including play areas
  • the affect on the public realm, including trees
  • whether the proposals for the bridge link will meet your needs
  • how the new development will affect traffic and parking

Click here to read the proposal for the two 25 storey towers.

Click here to read the proposal for the link to the railway bridge.

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