A big thank you to everyone who helped clean-up Oval Rd & Leslie Park Rd #eastcroydon


The weather gods certainly shone on ECCO Cleaners and Greeners on Sunday as 25 volunteers mainly in shirtsleeves undertook a vigorous campaign to make Leslie Park Road and Oval Road at least for a short time a tidier and brighter place in which to live and work.

There was a strenuous and thorough litter-pick.   But that was not all.   Many residents were inspired to cut unkempt and overgrown hedges,  and tame demonic garden weeds in dusty yards.    (ECCO’s very own Rod Davies neatly cropped a hedge for a couple who were unable to do it themselves – thank you,  Rod.)    And still not all.   The Oval triangle was dug up,  and a bounteous supply of crocuses planted.   Fingers crossed it will look a picture in the Spring.

After the clean-up,  about a dozen volunteers went back to The Oval Tavern for the Big Afternoon Tea,  where Angela’s chocolate brownies were much enjoyed.

Veolia picked up more than 50 bags filled with various kinds of waste on Sunday afternoon,  testimony to our volunteers’ huge efforts.

A special thank you to Jessica,  Kerry and Richard, our three MENCAP volunteers,  who worked under the benign leadership of Amanda Stewart.

Another special thank you to Maria Reyna,  who was the moving spirit in the crocus planting,  supported by ECCO’s newly appointed crocus chief,  Tony Skrzypczyk.

A further special thank you to Esther Sutton (supported by her staff) for the use of the garden of The Oval for the Big Afternoon Tea.

And a final special thank you to Tracey Bellamy of Croydon Council for the great support she provides to ECCO to make our clean and green events possible and effective.

And not forgetting a supplementary final special thank you to all who volunteered,  including the many residents who were prompted to tidy their own gardens and yards.

It is ECCO’s ambition that although litter may return to annoy us,  the development of community solidarity will stand as a positive to make our lives better.

Jerry Fitzpatrick
ECCO Clean and Green Street Champion
07768 287197

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