Community clean-up on Leslie Park Rd & Oval Rd, 12-3.30pm Sunday 15 October


The third ECCO Clean and Green day will be Sunday 15 October.   Cleaning and greening will take place between 12 pm and 3.30 pm or for such shorter periods during that time as volunteers may be prepared to spend.

 The targeted roads are Oval Road and Leslie Park Road.   The main meeting-point is the Oval Tavern.   Equipment will be provided by the Council.    Many thanks to Tracey Bellamy of the Clean and Green team.   Volunteers are welcome to use their own equipment.   Of course,  children cannot use sharp equipment except under the supervision of their parent/carer.

 It would be lovely if residents of the two roads in question had the support from ECCO members not in those roads.

 Those participating in the clean-up (and family members) are invited to the Big Afternoon Tea at 3.30 pm in the Oval Tavern.   Many thanks to Esther for providing us with some space.   Tea and coffee and cakes will be provided free,  but other soft drinks and alcohol will have to be purchased from the bar.

 Please direct any comment and questions to and at Jerry,  ECCO Clean and Green Street Champion.

 Jerry Fitzpatrick
07768 287197

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