Many thanks to @GGCroydon for even more ivy clearance on Addiscombe Rd!


We has the final visit of the year from our Goodgym friends on 12 September.  13 Goodgymnasts and three local residents spent the twilight hour attacking the ivy on the beds between Blake and Bisenden Roads.  Such was their energy that they filled over 20 large black begs with the stubborn vegetation.  The Goodgymnasts then went on a 4km run!
ECCO is so grateful to Goodgym for allocating us four visits in 2017 to consolidate the work of the Council’s contractors,  Ideverde.  Furthermore,  undeterred by adversity,  they have generously agreed to make some return visits next year.  Our particular thanks to their co-ordinator,  Juliet Stevenson.
The three valiant ECCO members who worked with Goodgym were Steve Thompson – something of a recidivist  when it comes to community activity – and Nikola and Tom Legian,  who were making their debuts.  Thank you,  Steve,  Nikola and Tom.
I shall be arranging an ECCO assault on the planted areas on a weekend date in late October or early November.  Details will be posted in due course.
Ideverde will continue their monthly tending of the beds,  as per the specifications of their contract with the Council.
I shall be seeking to arrange a meeting with Jacki Ager,  who is the Council officer who manages the Ideverde and Veolia contracts.  The purpose of the meeting will be to seek to agree a strategy for the improvement of the planted areas.  ECCO will be keeping members posted about this,  with the object of obtaining residents’ views on what should be done about the beds.
Jerry Fitzpatrick
ECCO Clean and Green Street Champion
07768 287197

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