Results of Sophie’s survey on local people’s perceptions of the regeneration of #eastcroydon


Many thanks to those of you who helped with the Sophie’s A-level Geography project. 59 people filled in her survey, just over 60% of them living in CR0 neigbourhoods. Of these 66% thought the reputation of East Croydon has improved since regeneration started and 34% believed it hasn’t.

In general, the respondents felt that regeneration has improved the safety of the area. However

  • 52% felt there are not enough police on the streets
  • 17% had been a victim of crime in the East Croydon area in the last 5 years.

51% had no concerns about regeneration. Those that did were worried about

  • increased population putting additional pressures on public services such as GP surgeries and schools
  • lack of green space
  • loss of a community feeling
  • insufficient, affordable housing
  • increased traffic
  • too many high rise buildings
  • lack of additional parking for residents
  • lack of capacity on public transport

The majority of the descriptions of East Croydon were positive, including

  • Up and coming
  • New, young, trying, rogue, character
  • A friendly, mixed neighbourhood.
  • Inner city, good public transport
  • Diverse, vibrant, busy
  • Improving, connected, edgy
  • Home, future, life, family, community.
  • Good location, multicultural, good range of restaurants.
  • Interesting, funky, tasty, well-connected
  • Reasonable place to raise family
  • Potential, urban, opportunity, exciting, needed
  • Multi-cultural, buzzing, safer, hippy

Others were more mixed and some were wholly negative

  • Urban, diverse, deprived, immigration, busy
  • Modern, multi-cultural, over-crowded, smart
  • Dirty, messy, hectic
  • Unsightly buildings, congested traffic, impersonal.
  • Tired, scruffy, dull, run down.
  • Ugly, impersonal, buildings taking over
  • The centre of lost opportunities



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