Asset of Community Value to be submitted for The Glamorgan #eastcroydon


A meeting was arranged by Cllr. Sean Fitzsimons for the evening of 24 July at the Town Hall.  Around 40 people attended, in the main local residents, some CAMRA members, and the owner of the Cronx brewery.

Cllr. Fitzsimons gave an introduction, including the background of what has happened to the pub and also the current status of the pub’s planning application.

Steve Thompson (Treasurer of Croydon & Sutton CAMRA) spoke briefly about the pub’s history, his memories of events at the pub,  and made a couple of observations as to how it could be used by the community going forward.

Rodger Molyneux (licensee of the Hope, Carshalton  –  a successful community-owned pub) – spoke on the difficulties he had encountered while attempting to buy the Glamorgan and gave some thoughts on how we might proceed.  He, along with another Hope shareholder and board member, gave further insights into community pubs.

Valuable input was offered by Neil Pettigrew (Pubs Protection Officer for South East London CAMRA) and Rachel and Mark Pickering who led the Save the Ship (South Norwood) campaign.

Cllr. Fitzsimons went on to explain how Assets of Community Value (ACVs) worked, and their benefits and pitfalls.  Rachel and Mark Pickering were very helpful with their advice on ACVs.

The meeting agreed to form an Unincorporated Group and submit an Asset of Community Value.  21 signatures were obtained and Steve Thompson has sent his notes on the history of the pub and its potential future to Cllr. Fitzsimons, who is looking to submit the ACV by Wednesday.

Names were taken for a fledgling Steering Group.

A very positive start, and thank you to Cllr. Fitzsimons for arranging and chairing the meeting at short notice.


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