@GGCroydon remove 31 bags of weeds from Addiscombe Rd #eastcroydon


12 members of the Goodgym group descended on the Addiscombe Road planted areas on 30 May and proceeded to attack the weeds and overhanging shrubs in the two beds between Bisenden and Brickwood Roads.   And what carnage ensued!   Thirty-one black bags were filled to the brim with the crop of redundant foliage which was mown down.

The Goodgymnasts were joined by local residents Ann Douthwaite,  Tony Skrzypczyk,  Steve Thompson and Jerry Fitzpatrick. Two local residents who observed in passing the efforts of their friends and neighbours asked to be notified of future cullings,  and hopefully they will want to participate when the opportunity next arises.

And the next opportunity is not far distant.   20 June to be precise. So – please sharpen those scythes,  and join in the fun on 20 June at 7.15 pm.   The sessions last no longer than one hour.    Of course,  it is not a chain gang.  Volunteers can leave at any time.

 Jerry Fitzpatrick, ECCO Clean and Green Co-ordinator

Click here for the run report and how to join Good Gym Croydon


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