Cherry Orchard Road Closure – UpDate & News of Local Improvements Tuesday 23 May 2017


Cherry Orchard Road Closure – UpDate & News of Local Improvements
Tuesday 23 May 2017

Over the Bank Holiday weekend O’Halloran & O’Brian Ltd will be bringing in 2 cranes to remove the crane from the Menta-Redrow site and the road will be closed. The reason that they need to close the road is the risk that were there to be an accident that the crane might fall onto the live rail tracks. The option of closing down the railway lines over the weekend is obviously not viable.

I met with John O’Donoghue, the Contracts Manager, and can feedback to ECCO residents that he has taken on board the comments and requests. He has instructed the signage contractors to set out the additional signage requested by residents. John does have a limited mandate to implement further traffic controls if they are genuinely needed, and his team will be monitoring activity over the weekend. The contact is John O’Donoghue 07720 593 418.
ECCO members and others need to be aware that Mr O’Donoghue can only deal with issues relating to the works.
Residents should contact the police or the council if there are major issues / incidents relating traffic in the wider area.

Menta-Redrow are building a footpath so that pedestrians will be able to walk around the crane working area. This footpath runs across the Menta-Redrow depot site and exits onto Oval Rd close to the junction

For those (BIG CRANE ENTHUSIASTS) that asked about photo opportunities, the footpath is probably the safest place to observe and take photographs. However, it is not suitable for large numbers of observers and parents need to supervise their children. (The bigger of the two cranes is large enough to reach over the buildings!)

Julie Childs, Croydon Council, advised me that the council is taking the opportunity of the road closure to renew the pavement around the bus stop at the top of Cherry Orchard, as during rainy weather a large puddle forms. There are some other improvements in the area for pedestrians which are detailed below.
As yet TfL have not provided a Bus Diversion plan, but Julie has assured me that as soon as it is available she will forward it to be posted on the ECCO website.
Ms Childs has contacted the taxi drivers representatives and requested that they try to minimise their impact on the local community caused by the diversions.

In conclusion, while there will be an increase in traffic on the local residential roads, this is the first time I can think of where both the contractor and the council have made the effort to engage with the local community and have adopted a responsive stance. That Mr O’Donoghue has put his mobile phone number on the signs as the point of contact is both brave and indicative of a very positive attitude towards the community. Ms Childs, the traffic management officer, for the area has welcomed the opportunity to make contact with ECCO as a means of engaging with the community.

Both Mr O’Donoghue and Ms Childs have stated they would welcome feedback after the event, and if anyone is willing to share their photographs they’d like us to pass them on. It is also encouraging that the council has taken the opportunity of the road closure to do works around the Cherry Orchard Rd bus stop, so that it’ll be ready for Tuesday.


A zebra crossing is to be built on Cherry Orchard, south of Cross Rd in front of the new blocks. This will occur following the removal of the crane. For that week, there will be temporary traffic lights on Cherry Orchard Rd, as the zebra crossing and centre island are installed. (The kerbs are currently being lower in preparation)
The pavement barriers outside of ARK Oval school are being repositioned to improve safety around the school entrance on Cherry Orchard Rd.
Around the Oval Rd entrance to ARK Oval school, there are to be pavement improvements, and a new tactile crossing is being installed, with bollards to prevent drivers mounting the pavement.

Rod Davies

Attached is also a PDF file for the General Overview of the Diversion Plan.



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