Meeting about Addiscombe Road “Boulevard”, East #Croydon



Following the ECCO Clean and Green event on 23 October, Jerry Fitzpatrick chaired a meeting on 5 December about “The Boulevard”.  This was attended by six local residents and two Council officers, Dave Thomas and Tracey Bellamy .

“The Boulevard” was how that part of the Addiscombe Road leading down to East Croydon Station was known in the early part of the last century. It includes the planted areas which were once a rather finer sight to behold than they are today.

The Council has contracted out the maintenance of the planted areas in The Boulevard to a company called Ideverde. Dave Thomas is responsible for managing the contract. Because of the proximity of the tram track to the planted areas, TFL – who are responsible for Tramlink – have an input when any issue arises which may impact on the tramway and those who use it.

Residents present accepted that the Council’s financial position is such that restoring the ancient glory of The Boulevard cannot be a high priority. However, Ideverde could do much better than they are currently doing. Dave Thomas took away various ideas for restocking the planted areas with low-maintenance shrubs, and will be sharing these with his colleagues in the Council’s Forestry section, who are responsible for decisions on what is planted.

Litter is an issue in the planted areas and generally. Tracey Bellamy helpfully agreed to provide new litter-bins: at or near the Lebanon Road tramstop, at the corner of Addiscombe Road and Blake Road and close to the former East Croydon Post Office. Residents stressed that these bins needed to be emptied before they spilled over. It was agreed that litter in the planted areas needed to be regularly cleared.

Dave Thomas will be reporting back after his Forestry colleagues have considered the issue. I shall keep residents informed of developments, and if necessary seek a meeting with Forestry officers. Please contact Jerry Fitzpatrick if you have any comments/suggestions on 07768 287197.

Postcard courtesy of Tony Skrzypczyk

2 responses to “Meeting about Addiscombe Road “Boulevard”, East #Croydon

  1. It has taken Croydon Council one year to organise a litter bin and day one it’s overflowing. Can you organise someone to collect the litter?


  2. Hi. Do you have any contact information for Dave Thomas? We have contacting Ideverde who don’t know who he is. Thank you


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