Traffic in East Croydon residential areas


A meeting was held between local residents and Croydon Councillors about traffic in East Croydon residential areas on Thursday 21st July 2016.

The people who attended the meeting included

  • Representatives of Canning & Clyde and HOME residents associations
  • Residents of Addiscombe Court Road, Lebanon Road and Cedar Road
  • Councillors Patricia Hay-Justice, Mark Watson and Sean Fitzsimmons (Addiscombe Ward Councillors)
  • Councillor Stuart King (Cabinet member for Transport & the Environment)
  • Mike Barton (Croydon Council Place department)

Two strands of activity were proposed:

  • Short term action plan to mitigate the negative impact of the increase in traffic on Addiscombe Court Road and Tunstall Road, due to Lebanon Road becoming one-way. To include dates by which residents will hear about and respond to the proposed plans ‪
  • Medium to longer term strategic plan to address the impact on traffic of developments in central Croydon on East Croydon residents. This should be developed in partnership with those residents, with ‪the process being one of engagement rather than consultation. ‪

A further meeting will be held to follow up these proposals.


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