chatty families wanted

Dear Residents,

I hope you don’t mind my contacting you. We at Princess Productions in West London ( are hoping you could kindly pass the word on to parents that we are looking for fun, outgoing families to take part in TV pilot project.  This involves filming (with a discreet car camera) combinations of mums/dads/teens chatting in the car on a real-life journey in the coming months. A mainstream channel is interested in this as a series idea – a look at what we talk about with our children as we drive them here, there and everywhere or and what is discussed in the car when driving them to all sorts of life events. The children need to be aged between 8 and 22 years old and living at home.  Please note, not every family member has to take part

Do have a look at the attached poster. We are very appreciative of any help in sharing this on your social media sites and passing the word on to parents. If you happen to know of any families personally who are very chatty and outgoing then do ask them to email or call us and we can provide them with further details!

Many thanks and do call me on 020 7985 1985 you have any questions.< /span>

Best wishes


Dee Mulcahy | Casting Assistant Producer

T:  0207 985 1788



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