Cheap theatre tickets for families

ECCO have been given five application forms for cheap theatre tickets for families. You can get one by emailing – first come first served.
Families that apply can enjoy one of 41 shows, everything from the proms to Jersey Boys, Peppa Pig’s Surprise to James and the Giant Peach, at £6 per ticket.
Last year, Fiona Crowe  of Lebanon Road took her daughter Olivia to see Wicked for less than the cost of a travel card.  She said, “It was tremendously exciting for us. The costumes, lighting and music were simply magical,”
Terms and conditions
  • Families can include up to six people. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, guardians and carers are all eligible, but half of your family group MUST be young people aged 3-17.
  • Shows take place between 25 July and 29 August.
  • You cannot apply if you have received tickets from this scheme (family first nights) before
  • You can only submit one application
HURRY! tickets are limited and all applications must be received by Friday, 8 July

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