Chinese New Year in Croydon 7 February 2016

Dear All,

Hale Man, Artist in residence at the Whitgift Centre is organising a Chinese New Year Parade on 7 February from 11.30am to take her Phoenix artwork from her studio to the Fairfield Halls. The Phoenix is intended to represent Croydon’s story of transformation and new beginnings.

She needs help with the following:


Pledges of financial support, no matter how small, number of people is more
important than quantity of cash in many ways as this is a community arts
project. If you would be willing to donate something please click on this link

b. Groups to pitch

in on the day with any Chinese related activities if
you wish to do this please contact Friends Of The Phoenix and give them details of: Organisation name; Contacts name, phone number and e-mail; state precisely what you are pledging to do and give details of any resources that you might need.

Please pitch in and/or pass on to others
you think might be interested in getting involved in welcoming in the Year of
the Monkey.

Best regards, Charlotte Davies

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