A Letter from a Neighbour, or is it?

A number of local residents have voiced their disquiet over the appearance of a letter, posted through out doors, purporting to come from one of our neighbours. Not only was this letter a rather disingenuous attempt by the Conservative Party to win a few more votes, but unfortunately it exposed a vulnerable neighbour. I have included the link to Inside Croydon where greater detail is provided.

I am sure that we will all concur that this is a sorry state of affairs, and I imagine that you will be disappointed that the electoral campaign has sunk to such a low level.


3 responses to “A Letter from a Neighbour, or is it?

  1. I wrote to Gavin Barwell because I was dismayed about this letter. His reply is below

    Re: “neighbour” letter
    Gavin Barwell (gavin@backbarwell.com) Add to contacts 02/05/2015 Flag this message
    To: Marie-Louise

    The letter is from Jenny but because it is supporting me it is a legal requirement that it have an imprint on it because it counts as an election expense.


    Dear Gavin,

    When I received the open letter from Jenny Walker, supporting you, I was (naively) touched at first thinking someone was speaking from the heart.
    However, turning this letter around I noticed that it was promoted by Ian Parker on your behalf.
    The good impression turned into a bad one – it smacks of kissing babies too obviously – we all know it is for show!

    Marie-Louise (surname withheld here but not when I wrote to Gavin Barwell)


  2. Marie-Louise,
    It has been very disappointing that too many of Mr Barwell’s flyers have avoided a clear and direct association with the Conservative Party. Mr Barwell has stated that he wanted to capitalise on his achievements for Croydon Central. Had he really wanted that, he might have explained why vast sums of money has been poured into revitalising Addiscombe retail area, while Cherry Orchard Rd and Lower Addiscombe Rd (East Croydon) have been largely left to decline, starved of any regeneration. The businesses there have been left unsupported, even though the Conservative Party likes to present itself as the champions of small businesses. Many of those businesses must be feeling rather used.

    However in this particular instance, according to the neighbours and friends of the supposed author of the letter, it could not be her writing due to her current health condition. By using (abusing) this elderly lady, the Conservative campaign have exposed someone quite frail and vulnerable to potential encounters that would be profoundly upsetting.


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