Lebanon Road One Way – Have Your Say

Lebanon Road One Way – Have Your Say


After many years of asking the Council Transport Management Committee are consulting Lebanon Road residents on the views of making Lebanon Road one-way southbound. The details can be found here.


When residents have surveyed the volume of traffic using Lebanon Rd, it has been noted that about 90% do not have Residents Parking Permits in their windscreens. This indicates that they are unlikely to come from any part of inner Croydon, let alone the immediate area. So that suggests the negative impact on local residents will be small. In the past petitions and surveys, the majority of Lebanon Road residents have supported the idea of making Lebanon Road one-way. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of making Lebanon Road one-way along its length with the traffic flowing south, in the opposite direction to the one-way flow in Addiscombe Court Road?

Disadvantages: For Lebanon Road residents it will mean that those in the northern half wanting to park by their homes it will mean they have to enter the road from Leslie Park Road. For those living in the southern half, they will be able to access their homes via Cedar Road. This will add to journeys slightly, but no one will face any oncoming traffic. To get to Lower Addiscombe Road, Lebanon Road residents will have to go via Addiscombe Court Road. Again adding slightly to journey times. Veolia and Royal Mail will have to reroute their rounds so that they enter Lebanon Rd from Leslie Park Rd.

Advantages: A reduction in overall traffic movements in the entire area as it will no longer afford a rapid route to & from Addiscombe and Lower Addiscombe Roads. This will result in lower levels of noise and exhaust pollution, and as consequence improve the overall environmental quality. Removing the on-coming traffic will reduce the following;

  • The frequency that vehicles race from passing point to passing point along the road.
  • The frequency that opposing traffic builds up at the junctions with Addiscombe and Cedar Roads, and at the bend in Lebanon Rd.
  • The frequency of physical and verbal altercations between drivers.
  • Disturbance to residents arising from disputes between drivers.
  • Damage done to parked cars by vehicles racing down the road, or attempting to pass each other where there is insufficient road width.
  • Pedestrians being knocked down by cars, or experiencing near-misses.
  • Traffic jams where cars collect at “pinch points”
  • The number of vehicles turning left into Lebanon Rd from Cedar Rd losing control in snow / ice conditions as they cross the speed cushion.

It will provide an improved environment for;

  • Pedestrians, particularly the old and young, when trying to cross the road during peak times.
  • Cleaner air and thus cleaner front doors and windows
  • A quieter environment.
  • A safer cycling environment for everyone.
  • Greater “ownership” of the public realm encouraging residents to develop relations with their neighbours.
  • An easier environment for residents to drive and park in, where they are not having to deal with aggressive road users and traffic coming from both directions.

Making Lebanon Road one-way is not the panacea for all the areas road management ills, but it should help reduce the impact of traffic upon our lives. Making Lebanon Road is consistent with the majority of roads in the area. Once Lebanon Rd is made one-way, it will leave only Colson Rd, Cedar Rd, Oval Rd and Leslie Park Rd two way along their entire lengths.


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