Menta-Redrow Social Housing Approach?

How Redrow's Morello development is being marketed, with 2-bed flats selling for £350,000. And no "riff-raff"

As we launched ECCO as an inclusive community representative group, our neighbours Menta~Redrow appear to be shifting towards division if Inside Croydon is correct in it’s article “Apartment Apartheid’ arrives in Croydon via the back door”.

Worse still I have heard a rumour, and that’s all it is, that Menta is trying to get out of its undertaking to build social housing in the area. The pressure in the housing market hits the low waged very badly, and provides a driver for more and more instances where extended families and large groups basically over-occupy houses designed for single families, turning every room into a bedsit. Inevitably this causes problems for neighbourhoods.

If you have a view on this please contact the Council’s Planning Department and your local councillors and MP.

Please follow link to Inside Croydon story

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