The Big Lunch in East Croydon

This page has been set up for the Big Lunch.

This year Big Lunches will be organized on the following roads in ECCO area:

  • Lebanon Road, Saturday 11th June, in the turn off between nos 85-87, from 12pm. Contact:
  • Cedar Road, Sunday 12th June.
  • Oval Road, 5th  June.

The steps taken to organise it:

  • Setting up an email address
  • Distributing leaflets
  • Calling at each house, introducing themselves & the idea. Recruiting others to help.
  • Holding meetings
  • On the day itself, setting up tables, balloons and bunting.

The Big Lunch is annual event. You can hold one anywhere – street, park or any free space. The official date is Sunday 7th June and there is lot of info on the Big Lunch website

The Big Lunch is supported by Croydon Council, who also have a web-page about it, including how to arrange a free road closure

Local organiser can even apply for a micro-grant to help them with costs.

If people are invited from only one road, a street party is regarded as a private party and no licenses or insurance are required. However, if people are invited from a wider area the rules change and the organisers are liable to obtain insurance and so on.

In 2015 the Big Lunch on Lebanon Road took place on Sunday, 14th June in the small road leading to Cart Lodge Mews (between 85 and 87 Lebanon Road) because we could not get enough people to agree to the closure of Lebanon Road. Luckily the day was sunny and between 70 and 100 people came, bringing fantastic food from around the world.  As result, new friendships were made, there is increased communication between neighbours and ECCO came together. There was not enough room for us to sit at tables, so the food was in a buffet along one side of the road.

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In 2014 the Big Lunch on Lebanon Road  took place Sunday, 8 June in the same small road leading to Cart Lodge Mews (between 85 and 87 Lebanon Road)

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