Clean and Green



Promoted by ECCO and TACRA and supported by Croydon Council

Residents of Addiscombe Road (Chisholm to Addiscombe Court),  Addiscombe Court,  Lebanon and Tunstall Roads:

You are invited to take part in the communal tidy-up between 12 pm and 3 pm this Sunday.

The Council will be leaving equipment for the tidy-up at the following locations:

  • 15 Addiscombe Court Road (for residents of Addiscombe Court/Tunstall)
  • 86 Lebanon Road (for residents of Lebanon)

Veolia will be picking up waste collected/gathered during the tidy up from the following locations:

  • Addiscombe Court Road
  • Both junctions with Tunstall Road
  • Junction with Addiscombe Road
  • Lebanon Road
  • Junction with Leslie Park Road
  • Junction with Cedar Road
  • Junction with Addiscombe Road

Where feasible,  waste must be bagged.   If you think your waste may be too bulky for Veolia,  please check with Jerry Fitzpatrick (contact details below).

Residents of Addiscombe (Colson to Chisholm),  Bisenden,  Blake,  Brickwood,  Cedar and Chisholm Roads who wish to tidy their own road and want equipment should contact Jerry Fitzpatrick. 


At 3 pm in The Cricketers for volunteers and families.   Thanks to Linda for providing the space.

Free cake available,  including home-made bread pudding,  chocolate fridge cake and orange drizzle cake.

Unfortunately,  owing to the pressures of Sunday lunch service,  tea and coffee cannot be offered,  but other liquid refreshments including soft drinks can be bought, or indeed brought by those attending.

East Croydon Clean and Green contact:

Jerry Fitzpatrick,  6 Blake Road


Mobile:  07768 287197


The Clean and Green Champions initiative aims to improve the street scene in Croydon through community participation.Croydon Council would like to find a champion for every street in the borough. Street champions can be involved in anything from litter picks to street spring cleans.

Tracey Bellamy (Croydon Council) can help the street champions in many ways, such as arranging for flatback truck to remove flytipping, the involvement of the Air Cadets, street closures for major clean ups and even the installation of alley gates. Where there are problems with tenanted properties, LBC hold the landlord responsible. Tracey gave an example where they worked with the landlord and tenants of a multi-occupancy building to improve refuse disposal and the use of the recycling bins.

Rubbish if often dumped in the alley between Cherry Orchard Rd and Oval Rd. Tracey said that they would need to know who is responsible for the alley, then the matter could be passed to the Street Scene team for resolution.

Rubbish is also collecting in the former Royal Mail car-park.

Tracey is asking peopl to come forward as Street Champions. She said that it is about taking pride in our area and getting everyone to respect this. An example can be found in South Norwood where people came out of their houses one day to clean their street it resulted in a continuing improved environment.

For more information

final_140776_DMWC_clean_&_green_champions_leaflet A5


3 responses to “Clean and Green

  1. We are trying to get in contact with Tracy Bellamy. We are five pupils from Howard Primary School. We met with Councillor Collins before Christmas re a project four schools, including ourselves, are involved in as Croydon representatives of Team London Young Ambassadors and we are coordinating green activities. Councillor Collins suggested getting in cont t with Tracy. It we need contact details. This email is sent through our Head Teacher John Robinson.


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