Cycle Hangars

Dear All

The Council has received suggestions for possible locations for cycle hangars in the area of the East Croydon RAs and community groups as follows:

IDENTIFIERInstallation road nameWardPost CodeLocation
BKH00123 – ACanning RoadAddiscombe WestCR0 6ADalongside the flank boundary of 122 Lower Addiscombe Road close to lamp post 001.
BKH00038 – ACedar RoadAddiscombe WestCR0 6UJin Cedar Road alongside No.67 Lebanon Road in front of the P&D machine [now at kerbside].
BKH00057 – AHeron RoadAddiscombe WestCR0 6TSin Heron Road, as per the drawing.

The Council has posted Notices to households neighbouring the suggested location to let them know that there is a proposal,  and inviting responses.

I have attached the drawing which shows the proposed location on Heron Road.

Kind regards


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