Sunday 11th July Volunteer Day – Addiscombe Railway Park

Subject: Sunday 11th July Volunteer Day – Addiscombe Railway Park
Date: 3 July 2021 at 18:13:40 BST

Our next volunteer work day will be on Sunday 11th July between 2pm and 5pm.
We will meet up initially at the Community Garden.

The weather forecast suggests it is likely to be dry and hot.

Whilst there are still many tasks awaiting attention, it is suggested that we should tackle the advancing undergrowth.

1. Cut back nettles and undergrowth on the tram stop bank and stairs (TFL have already done their side).
2. Tidying up around the Orchard trees.
3. Cut back trees blocking light to the Orchard trees.
4. Cut grass and weed the School Triangle.
5. Cut back brambles and branches growing over the path in the bridge half.
6. If no rain then watering needed too (Garden, Orchard, Bog area and young trees near bridge.

Virus rules have been relaxed but still a maximum groups of 30 people outdoors working together and keeping their distance.
Avoid touching litter and seats with your hands, or touching animals.

for Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park

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