Croydon u3a

We’re here for u3a

It all started in 1987, when Richard Branson crossed the Atlantic in a hot-air balloon and Croydon u3a was formed and took flight. We have never looked back – for 34 years we have continued to serve Croydon’s diverse community and have made a real difference to the quality of so many lives.

While we at Croydon u3a mark our 34th anniversary this year, the National u3a organization, which has 1057 local groups and over 450,000 members, is also holding its first ever ‘u3a Day’ – and we will be celebrating that too, in June!

Anyone no longer working full-time can join the u3a – no qualifications needed; just interest, enthusiasm and willingness to explore new challenges and new experiences together. The u3a is non-religious and non-political and is open to everyone – from all backgrounds, religions and cultures.   Over the years, our members have benefitted from a varied local menu of interest groups and activities, 58 in all currently – there is something for everyone and if you don’t see anything that you like, then we will help you to start a new group.

In ‘normal’ times, our groups meet in different halls and venues, including some in private homes, all over Croydon. In addition, we have a General Meeting on the Second Wednesday afternoon in each month at the Freemasons’ Hall, 73 Oakfield Road, CR0 2UX (on the corner with St James’s Road – marked “Masonic Hall” on the map) with a talk on a different topic and a chance to socialise over a cup of tea.

Even though the past year has restricted our face-to-face activities, it has not prevented us meeting – we’ve learnt to use Zoom and connect on a regular basis with others. Our General Meetings are also taking place by Zoom just now. Croydon u3a is run by its members for its members and there is no stopping us.

So perhaps the pomp and circumstance we’d planned for our 34th Anniversary celebrations will be dialed back just a little and the invited guests and the number of dignitaries will be fewer, but the modern magic of technology will take over and allow us to share a carnival of collective memories and to party on Friday 16th April from 7 pm till late, using Zoom. The ceremony will go ahead and the future is looking good.

To find out more about Croydon u3a:

Facebook: Croydon u3a

We believe that we retire from a job, not from LIFE

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