6 days left to comment on the planning application for Cart Lodge Mews #eastcroydon


Many of you will have enjoyed ECCO’s Big Lunches and Halloween events in Cart Lodge Mews, between Lebanon Road and Oval Road.  However, the site is once again under threat from development on a tiny triangle of land.

The initial planning permission stated that this area would be landscaped. As such it would have been an ideal play space for local children in an area without any open public space.  If the original appeal decision were to be upheld, the community could enjoy the entire space freely in perpetuity.

Concerns include

  • Over development
  • Access for emergency vehicles
  • Parking for existing residents
  • Space for refuse and recycling bins
Several people managed to comment on the initial submission of this proposal before it was withdrawn in April. Croydon Council said at the time that they would take these comments into account. However, they do not  all appear on the planning register, so it would be great if you could submit your views again (should you not have already done so).

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