West-bound buses not stopping at Sandilands tram stop for up to 4 days @TramsLondon @TfL


Transport for London are widening the pavement at bus stop U.  This will enable safer social distancing and create more space for queuing.

They are surfacing over the existing bus stop lay-by and repositioning kerbs. Buses will now stop in the traffic lane. Bus stop road markings will be moved out into the traffic lane in accordance with this. Cyclist markings will be also be repositioned. These are temporary changes but may become permanent.

This work is being done as part of the Mayor of London’s Streetspace for London plan – a plan to create more space for people to social distance while walking and cycling.

During the works

  • Bus routes 119, 194, 198 and 466 westbound will not stop at bus stop U
  • Two-way lights will be in operation 
  • Tram services will operate as normal.

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