Clean and Green in Leslie Park Road & Oval Road @TheOvalTavern #eastcroydon


On 22 September,  about intrepid 10 members of the local community braved the heavy rain and  threw their energies into a tidy-up of Oval Road and Leslie Park Road.

Joining me were Mike and Felicita from Leslie Grove,  Delphine,  Ian,  Imogen and Olivia from Oval Road,  Pat from Woodside and Angela of Lebanon Road,  Angela being a member of the ECCO Steering Group.

Much of the work was focused on the Oval Triangle,  the grass of which was cut and from which weeds and overgrowth were pared back and much litter removed.   Some work was also done tidying up and cutting back branches in the Oval Passage.   Unfortunately,  there were no volunteers from Leslie Park Road,  so Angela and I spent the last part of the session undertaking a litter-pick of that road.

By the end of the afternoon,  the Oval Triangle was looking much more respectable.   Altogether 21 orange sacks were filled with cuttings and litter,  the bags being later collected by Veolia.

The afternoon ended with the Big Afternoon Tea at The Oval Tavern.    I am most grateful to Esther Sutton and her colleagues,  who provided tea and delicious biscuits and cakes,  and I feel I should also give my chocolate cake a mention.

Jerry Fitzpatrick
ECCO Clean and Green Street Champion
07768 287197




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