How to report missed bin collections

new recycling bins

There are three ways to report the missed collection of a rubbish or recycling bin.  You could

  • Go to, click on the Report It tab, then select Missed Bins
  • Log into your Croydon Council account or set one up 
  • A Waste and Recycling Page page will then appear listing all your bins, the last and next date of their collection.
  • You can only report a missed collection after 6pm on collection day and up to two days after your collection day.  
  • If it’s been more than 2 days, you can either wait for your next collection day or take the waste to a household waste and recycling centre.

Or you could

  • Ring the Council on 0208 726 6200 between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday
  • Use a Don’t Mess with Croydon app downloaded here 

If you don’t get a result, you can contact your ward councillors on

There is a link at the bottom of the page to book bulky waste or assisted waste removal or report crew related issues.

Before you make a complaint about particular crew members, please stop to think about what it might mean for that person. Veolia has been known to fire employees after specific complaints.  Is what has happened so bad that you want that person to lose their job?  The contract price has been squeezed to pay for social services and crew members are working to very tight timetables. They are often verbally abused by members of the public. One of them recently died on the job Veolia binman dies in Thornton Heath during hottest day of the year

There have been reports of garden walls being damaged by crews pulling the bins over them.  If you report this, Veolia will eventually repair them.

You can help the crews by labelling your bins with your house number.  Then it is easier for them to return the bins to the right place or for you to find them if they don’t.

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