Application for planning permission for 137 flats at 30-38 Addiscombe Road to be heard by Planning Committee 6.30pm, Thursday 28 March, Croydon Town Hall, Katharine Street

30-38 Addiscombe Rd drawing

Previous planning permission for the site was for a building of 5-6 stories, in line with the buildings either side.  The new development is for a building that will be up to 8-18 stories high with a frontage much closer to Addiscombe Road. This may set an unwelcome precedent for further developments on the road, leading to a significant and unwelcome alteration to the streetscape.

People who have already submitted comments on the proposed development can register in advance to speak for three minutes on the matter.  To do so they must contact  the Democratic Services Manager by 4pm on  Tuesday, 26 March by


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