Thank you @GGCroydon for clearing up the Boulevard! A great start to 2019!


On 19 February,  10 Goodgym volunteers joined with me pick litter and remove brambles and weeds from the planted areas of The Boulevard and wet leaves from the footway. 12 orange bags were filled.    Daffodils and other pleasant growths are now visible in the beds.   Ivy is all very fine,  but too much of it conceals pretty things emerging from below.

Goodgym will be returning to The Boulevard in April, probably on 23 April.   It will be light at 7.20 p.m.   So I hope to see a few more residents assisting Goodgym with their endeavours on the next occasion.

Jerry Fitzpatrick
ECCO Clean and Green Street Champion

Click here for the run report

GoodGym will be helping Tunstall Nursery on 26 February

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