Traffic in the East Croydon/Addiscombe area, meeting 7pm Tuesday, 8 January at Ashburton Hall, Ashburton Park, Lower Addiscombe Road

Do you live in Addiscombe or the surrounding area?
Are you interested in traffic flow in the area?
Recent road changes have divided opinions in Addiscombe and we are now keen to come to a solution that is agreeable to everyone. Whatever your views please come to ensure that they are recorded.
The objective of the meeting is to find a group of individuals representing all of the key views and to take matters forward.
Meetings will be facilitated by Jonny Zander a professional facilitator.
Car parking is available through Terterden Road or from public transport it can also be
accessed from Spring Lane and Lower Addiscombe Road.
For additional information please contact the Addiscombe East Councillors Maddie Henson or Jeet Bains


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