Council Review of new bin collection arrangements in Addiscombe West ward

new recycling bins

“Your Addiscombe West ward councillors met yesterday afternoon with Cllr Stuart Collins,  Cabinet member for Clean, Green Croydon,  and two senior Council officers:  Steve Iles (Director of Streets) and Tom Lawrence (Head of Environment and Leisure).

We have received many positive views about the new arrangements,  but we have also heard many concerns,  particularly from residents who live in terraced housing with limited space in front of their house.

Council officers have undertaken in recent weeks a review of the new arrangements.   They concluded that most terraced houses can accommodate the new bins, on the basis that they have a frontage which is three and a half times the length of the bins,  and one and a half times the width.

Therefore,  Addiscombe Court Road has been exempted from the new arrangement on the grounds that a significant minority of properties cannot accommodate the bins.   They will continue with the current collection arrangement.   A letter to explain the situation will be delivered this week to each property.

Oval Road (aside from a small proportion of properties) has been exempted from the new arrangement because the majority of properties have steps leading up or down to their front door,  and are clearly unable to accommodate the new arrangements.

Therefore,  Oval Road will also continue with the current collection arrangement.   The new bins which have been delivered will be collected within a week.   Councillors continue to press for a complete rethink of the recycling and collection arrangements for Oval Road.   We shall be communicating with residents within the next 12 months to seek to find a model which will work for this road.

Turnpike Link,  Garrick Crescent and Granville Close will continue to use the unwheeled bin for which they have a built-in dustbin cupboard.   Two wheeled bins will be provided in addition.

Other properties (not all of which have yet been individually identified) which do not meet the space criterion to enable them to accommodate the new bins can seek review.   Where it is agreed that a property does not have the space,  the bins will be removed and the current arrangements reinstated.   Residents who have a front garden populated with flowers,  shrubs and bushes are also likely to have a good case to be exempt from the new arrangements.

Councillors were also promised that the issue of bin size will be kept under review.   Again,  we are committed to ensuring that this remains high on the Council agenda.

For those who will be moving to the new recycling arrangements,  the old recycling boxes will be collected if residents so wish.   Residents will receive a letter through their door about how to contact the Council to get their boxes removed.

Councillors are grateful to residents who have expressed their views,  and continue to be open to hearing views,  and to offer advice to those seeking to be exempt from the new system.   You can email us at or phone on 020 8819 5597.”

Jerry Fitzpatrick      Sean Fitzsimons     Patricia Hay-Justice
Councillors for Addiscombe West


7 August 2018



2 responses to “Council Review of new bin collection arrangements in Addiscombe West ward

  1. I live on Woodside Green. Our house, converted into four flats, still has not received any new bins, nor have any of us had any information. I’ve already pointed out to the council that we can’t possibly have 12 bins in our forecourt. We have four landfill bins at present, plus two green recycle and two blue recycle boxes, also four kitchen waste bins. These are working well – why have the council decided to replace the old system?


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