Huge pile of waste removed during community clean-up


Seven of ECCO’s finest Clean and Green warriors claimed partial victory on Sunday 29 July against those who dump large household waste and litter.

Angela Vanegas,  Ann Douthwaite,  Mike Griffiths,  Sasha Konechni,  Steve Thompson and Tony Skrzypczyk joined me for the Cross Road (and its side roads)  clean-up.  The main target was the private alleyway/pathway which is backed onto by about 30 properties in Leslie Grove and Alpha Road.

A huge amount of waste (large and small,  green and not green) was taken out.  The Council had teed up Veolia to collect this waste,  and it was collected in two tranches and was gone by late Sunday afternoon.

There is still some work to be done to clear the alley/path completely.  But it is certainly much clearer now than for several years past.

Also,  a litter pick was undertaken of Cross Road and its side roads,  and I have reported a nasty spot of dog’s mess for the Council to clean up.

Many thanks as ever to Tracey Bellamy of the Council’s Clean and Green team for her support and input.

Jerry Fitzpatrick,  ECCO Clean and Green Street Champion

Click here for more information about the environment in and near the ECCO area.


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