Lebanon Rd/Addiscombe Rd junction to be closed 30 March to 1 April

The junction of Lebanon Rd and Addiscombe Rd will be closed from 30 March 2018 to 1 April 2018 inclusive so that works may be undertaken to manholes on Addiscombe Rd at the tram stop. This means that Lebanon Rd traffic will need to follow the route Cedar Rd and Bisenden Rd to access Addiscombe Rd and onward to Central & South Croydon and the A232.  The one-way system on the southern half of Lebanon Rd will have to be suspended to permit residents to drive to & from their homes.

One response to “Lebanon Rd/Addiscombe Rd junction to be closed 30 March to 1 April

  1. Despite delivering leaflets, advising that the south end of Lebanon Rd would close, to local homes. TfL apparently decided last night not to close Lebanon Rd after all, but left signs in place.
    Instead TfL installed 3 way temporary traffic lights, allowing through traffic to turn left & right into Addiscombe Rd.
    This decision reduced the working space for the contractors and created a left turn that is proving to be somewhat challenging for some vehicles, as there is very little space to make the turn.
    Just to add an extra piquancy to all this, it transpired this morning that the Council and TfL are not coordinating the works with those at the Addiscombe Rd / Cherry Orchard Rd junction.


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