Save the Glamorgan meeting, 7pm Monday 12 February, Croydon Town Hall, Katharine St


Notes from the last meeting of the campaign to Save the Glamorgan pub on Cherry Orchard Road

  • A copy of the signed constitution of the Save the Glamorgan campaign group was sent to the Community & Voluntary Sector department of Croydon Council for their records.
  • A revised Asset of Community Value (ACV) form was submitted in the name of the Save the Glamorgan group.
  • The Save the Glamorgan officers are looking to meet the pub’s owners, ideally at the Glamorgan site.
  • There are indications that two or three parties are interested in running the Glamorgan as a pub – these parties have been encouraged to contact the Council to indicate their interests in order to add weight to the ACV
  • A letter will be sent to the Council alerting them to the existence of the SaveTheGlam group, advising them of the concern about degradation of the premises (given the owners have damaged the Glamorgan and illegally started to demolish the View, South Croydon).
  • A Save the Glamorgan petition has been started.
  • The next open meeting will be on Monday 12 February at 7pm, in the Town Hall.

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