Save the Glamorgan Meeting 7pm Monday 2nd October 2017


From: Sean Fitzsimons <>
Date: 27 September 2017 at 22:12:27 BST
To: Sean Fitzsimons <>
Subject: Save the Glamorgan Meeting 7pm Monday 2nd October 2017


Further to last week’s email I can confirm that the meeting of the Save the Glamorgan Campaign will take place next Monday at 7pm in Croydon Town Hall in room F10.

The items to discuss include

1) Update of meeting with the owners of the Glamorgan pub. at the end of this email is the correspondence I received from them following our recent meeting. it is clear that at they are taking a bullish line and don’t think our campaign will come to much, or that at best our campaign is a naïve attempt to halt progress.

2) Update of conversation with London Borough of Croydon about the status our application to list the Glamorgan as an Asset of Community Value. (ACV). And to consider/agree whether to set up as a voluntary group with a constitution. The feedback is that would strengthen our case if there is an appeal against any awarding of ACV status. To this end I have attached a model constitution and I would welcome any suggestions/amendments which we can make to it, Particularly aims and powers of the group.
I hope we would be able to agree at the meeting to adopt an amended version of this constitution, and also widen the number of active members.
Please note that this new group would not be involved in the purchase/acquisition of the pub, instead it is to show that we are an organised community group.

3) Planning update: the owner’s application to demolish is currently on hold currently, whilst the ACV application is being reviewed. The local plan, which is going through a final round of consultation, now establishes Pub Houses as community facilities which can be protected.

4) SavetheGlam Facebook Page. I have set this up on Facebook. First time I’ve done this but I thought that for some this might be a way to improve communications between supporters.
If you think you can help improve it please let me know.

CONSTITUTION OF Save the Glamorgan draft 270917

email from Amarveer Deet 20th September 2017

Dear Sean,

Thanks for your time last week with Amar and I. We both agree, it definitely made sense to meet face to face and discuss the issues.
I think we are broadly on the same page in that we want to make the most of the site to satisfy the interest of all the stakeholders.

To confirm where we stand

1) We would be willing to sell the freehold to the site to the community group you were representing for what we feel is a open fair market price in the region of £2.5m (based on other offers actionable available to us).
Our conditions for this would be an immediate exchange (within 7 day) with a 10% deposit to be held on an agency (rather than stakeholder) basis – this would allow us to access that deposit money during the period up until completion to cover, for example, the running costs of securely maintaining the site.
We would allow a completion of 6 months from exchange.
We would remind the potential buyers that a failure to complete would make them joint and severally liable for any losses that occur to us from the subsequent breach of contract.

Further we would take the communities request to preserve the status as a drinking establishment on face value, and as a result place a covenant on the title that would enjoin us to a share of the profits to any further development on the site.

2) Within our proposed scheme we would allow for restaurant/bar on the ground floor with a view of bringing an established operator to run this (subject to discussions and approval from the planning department).
This would form part of our broader proposed re-development of the site.

Naturally we think the second option is the best for all the stakeholders (ourselves, local council, community), particularly given our concerns of the viability of the site as a pub without significant capital investment, which naturally would bring about a significant risk to the party that engages to do that.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter at your earliest convenience.

Kind Regards
Amarveer Dhatt


2 responses to “Save the Glamorgan Meeting 7pm Monday 2nd October 2017

  1. Hi there,Thanks for the info about the Glam.  I am a fan of this lovely old pub.  Will try to attend. May I just put a thought to ECCO about the wooden bench in the Boulevard.  I read that the poor old down and outs are causing a nuisance at night to residents but may I add a plea for those who use it during the day – like me.  Although I may look a little scruffy at times and may be mistaken for a down and out myself, I do like to sit on it with my shopping from time to time, and I have enjoyed the pleasant rather wild, ivy clad surroundings.  That is  until all the frequent scarifications that have have been going on.   I would add a further plea for the banning of glyphosate in Oval Road, and a plea for all those who are keen on removing litter to come down here.  It is a thankless task trying to reason with dogfoulers, littler bugs and overflowing bins.  I keep my end of the street immaculate, going out every day and clearing it up.  But I cannot get through the cultural divide that exists down the road.  They don’t want to know.

    From: East Croydon Community Organization – ECCO To: Sent: Friday, 29 September 2017, 13:21 Subject: [New post] Save the Glamorgan Meeting 7pm Monday 2nd October 2017 #yiv4303073103 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv4303073103 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv4303073103 a.yiv4303073103primaryactionlink:link, #yiv4303073103 a.yiv4303073103primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv4303073103 a.yiv4303073103primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv4303073103 a.yiv4303073103primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv4303073103 | eastcroydon posted: “From: Sean Fitzsimons Date: 27 September 2017 at 22:12:27 BSTTo: Sean Fitzsimons Subject: Save the Glamorgan Meeting 7pm Monday 2nd October 2017HiFurther to last we” | |


  2. Sorry, Sean, that was from me, Miriam at 137.  I sent it off without completing it.  Thanks for taking up the glyphosate complaint with the council by the way.  What news?  


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