Council Ward Boundary Review 2017


  • The Boundary Commission is changing Croydon’s council ward boundaries to reflect population distribution changes within the borough since the ward boundaries were last redrawn in 2002.
  • ECCO is currently in the Addiscombe Ward and currently has 3 Councillors. It is one of the areas in Croydon where the population density is growing very significantly, particularly around the East Croydon area.
  • Addiscombe as an area, is currently covered within 2 wards- Addiscombe (which includes East Croydon area) and Ashburton ward, which includes Addiscombe shopping parade by the tram stop as well as parts of Shirley area.
  • The boundary commission seeks to make wards that elect 3 Councillors with c.12,000 electors, but will also consider forming wards electing 2 Councillors with c. 8,000 electors.
Current Draft proposal
  • As a result of proposals submitted by Croydon council and its 2 political parties represented there, the Boundary commission has drafted a proposal that would split Addiscombe ward into 2 new 3-councillor wards by:
– Splitting the existing ward into East & West parts between Elgin Road & Havelock Road
– Adding the Park Hill area as far south as South Croydon’s Coombe Road to the West part
– Adding parts of the Whitgift estate area upto Lloyd Park to the East part
  • Addiscombe, Park Hill, and Whitgift Estate Resident Associations, are concerned that the Boundary commission draft proposal splits areas up unnecessarily to combine different neighbouring communities together.
  • The area of Addiscombe and East Croydon, which covers the existing Addiscombe ward and about half of the existing Ashburton ward which contains most of Addiscombe shopping parade, is a clear area that will have a population of about 20,000 electors- fitting 5 councillors. (see map above)
  • The Park Hill and whole of the Whitgift Estate areas (currently a part of Fairfield ward) that meet South Croydon and Lloyd Park have about 8,000 electors- for 2 councillors.
The Residents Associations for these areas therefore feel it is better to have:
– A separate ‘Park Hill & Whitgift Estate’ ward to keep that community intact,
– A 2-Councillor ward for the East Croydon part of current Addiscombe ward (the eastern boundary can be between Clyde and Elgin Road, and the East India Park)
– A 3-Councillor ward for the rest of existing Addiscombe ward, reuniting it with the rest of Addiscombe around the whole shopping parade and Ashburton park, upto Asburton playing fields that border Shirley.
The ECCO committee members have considered and recommend this response alongside other Resident Associations.
What do you think?
If you would like to make a submission to the Commission, please email The Review Officer (Croydon) at:
(Local Government Boundary Commission for England, 14th floor, Millbank Tower, London SW1P 4QP)
Or use the Commission’s consultation portal: https://consultation.lgbce.
Deadline for Comments or submissions is 8th May 2017
A Link to the dedicated web page for the Croydon electoral review is here: reviews/greater-london/croydon

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