Clean and Green Day in East #Croydon


“The Cedar Road rectangle clean-up took place on 23 October. It was co-sponsored by ECCO and Croydon Council, the latter printing our publicity material and providing equipment for the work.

Nine volunteers took part. Eleven other people sent good wishes and/or apologies. Eight bags of rubbish were filled, the bags being removed by Veolia on the afternoon itself. Several hundred cigarette butts were picked up, no doubt soon to be replaced by several hundred others.

The ivy on the planted areas in the Boulevard on the Addiscombe Road was trimmed, and some other tidying of those planted areas also took place.

Some volunteers came back for tea at my house, and seemed to enjoy the lemon drizzle cake, chocolate fridge cake and bread pudding, the latter being kindly made by Tony Skrzypczyk.

One volunteer said at the end she would not want to repeat the event more often than monthly. I have the more modest aspiration of repeating the event in 6 months, but the reality probably is that such things are only likely to recur on a serial basis if different individuals step forward to undertake the organisation.”

Jerry Fitzpatrick


One response to “Clean and Green Day in East #Croydon

  1. Hi, don’t forget that GoodGym (a charity who run and do good deeds in the community) would love to help out on a Tuesday evening for any community projects in your area. Have a look at the good gym website to see what we do. We also have a Facebook Page – GoodGym Croydon. Always on the lookout for tasks to do and other runners to join us. Juliet (


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