Statement on twitter impersonation of ECCO

It’s been drawn to ECCO steering committee’s attention within the last few days that someone has created a twitter account “ECCO@eastcroyvoice”, with a photo and strapline that suggests that it is an officially endorsed ECCO twitter account.
Unfortunately, “ECCO@eastcroyvoice” twitter account has no connection or endorsement from ECCO, who view this account as falsely impersonating and misrepresenting ECCO with malicious intent. Although the impersonator has only made 16 tweets since last July until now, the tweets are superficially positive while conveying ECCO as inept, with little local support and lack of control.
However, the impersonator’s latest tweet a few days ago has escalated its visibility by dragging ECCO into the political arena.  The impersonating account has commented on the online campaign for the London borough of Croydon to have its own directly elected mayor, by tweeting
“ECCO has not sought views of any local residents but are fully supporting this. “
Neither this tweet, nor any of this impersonator’s 15 other tweets, are endorsed by ECCO. ECCO have therefore raised the impersonating account ” ECCO@eastcroyvoice” to the attention of Twitter administrators asking for its removal.
ECCO are a politically neutral body, which welcomes community contributions from all residents within its area, with or without political affiliation, but not to represent ECCO with any political voice of endorsement that goes beyond bringing together, representing and promoting the interests and well-being of residents and organisations (business, voluntary or statutory) in the ECCO area.
The official ECCO twitter account set up and maintained by the steering committee is

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