Free drawing workshop THIS Saturday

Turf Projects are running a series of free ‘Stones Of Croydon’ drawing workshops to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Croydon becoming a London Borough. Croydon Council have placed a series of boulders around the Borough, one in each of Croydon’s twenty 1964 original wards to celebrate this anniversary. Keep a eye out for these boulders, as they will provide our meeting point for each tour. All drawing materials will be provided. All ages & abilities welcome.
Turf’s ‘Stones Of Croydon’ drawing tours have been running since 2013. The workshops encourage students to explore the rudiments of drawing technique – outline, shading, colour – through carefully observing and drawing Croydon. Each workshop is led by different professionals from various fields of art, design and architecture. The workshops are based upon John Ruskin’s principles outlined in his book ‘The Stones of Venice’ and are intended not for the training of artists, but of people who,by following the class, ‘might see greater beauties than they had hitherto seen in nature and in art, and thereby gain more pleasure in life’.
Join us at the Addiscombe boulder 1–3pm Saturday 5 December at the junction of Morland Road and Morland Avenue
With Taylan Tahir & Alex Baretta

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