Petition created in regard to the Develop Croydon Conference

Ladies and Gentlemen of Croydon and Beyond
I am writing to ask you to sign a petition I have created in regard to the Develop Croydon Conference occurring on 18th November at Fairfield Halls.   Information about the conference can be accessed here:
The conference deals with a wide variety of issues focused on Croydon including planning, socio-economic and political concerns.  These are issues that – in 2015 – are understood to be dealt with in the public domain with a spirit of democracy and yet the conference is priced so that only the relatively wealthy can afford to attend.
We cannot accept an event where we, the residents of Croydon, are asked to look away while others get together to talk about the town.
The high-priced tickets also discriminate on the basis on wealth, which I am afraid will add to economic tensions in the town.  This is particularly dangerous in Croydon because I believe economic tensions helped to fuel the 2011 riots.
Basic human equality means mutual respect and a willingness to communicate with each other.  Therefore, the people of Croydon should be encouraged to attend a conference focused on Croydon.  There is no reason why investors and developers need to be separated from us and have their own special gathering.
The obvious resolution to this problem is to open the conference up to the public.  I have proposed that 25 tickets are made available to Croydon residents at £25, which I think is a very reasonable request. Even if you do not agree with this specific proposal I hope that you will still sign the petition as a show of solidarity.
Feel free to circulate both this email and the petition, which can be found here:
Richard Plant, Tony Newman, Toni Letts, Gavin Barwell: D…

The “Croydon – London’s Future” Conference hosted by Develop Croydon on 18th November 2015 at Fairfield Halls in Croydon has been planned in an undemocratic…
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Thank you.
Susan Oliver
Addiscombe, Croydon

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