Keeping Our Neighbourhood Clean & Some What To Do’s

The other day a local resident. Tony S, contacted us to ask for help as his neighbours were leaving black bins bags out that were almost immediately torn apart by local foxes. He’d tried asking the neighbours to put their refuse in the bin, but with no success. Sound familiar?

In all honesty I didn’t think we could get much action, but forwarded his request to the local councillors Sunday evening. Patricia Hay-Justice replied a short while after at 22:07 hrs (I was impressed – they work Sundays!) with the following,

“This issue is typical of a landlord overlooking the basic requirements of their tenants which then affect the quality of life of those in the near vicinity.

If Tony is able to provide an address then I can arrange for council officers to provide appropriate bins available and pay a visit with a view to ensuring the tenants are aware of their responsibility regards domestic refuse.”

So things can be done to support us keeping the area clean!

If you are facing similar problems, the council is running its “Don’t Mess with Croydon” campaign so check it out at the links below!

One response to “Keeping Our Neighbourhood Clean & Some What To Do’s

  1. Hi everyone! It seems to me that the Council’s “Don’t Mess With Croydon” hasn’t quite had the impact the Labour administration had hoped for in East Croydon. People are still dumping bin bags and other refuse on the pavements, and the foxes are still tearing them apart.
    So I thought I’d remind everyone of the council’s website for reporting fly-tipping and hopefully we might just get people to tidy up a bit.
    So here it is again.


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