LOCAL CONSULTATION: Croydon Local Plan: Detailed Policies

Dear Neighbours,

Last Tuesday I attended a meeting in Bernard Wetherill House hosted by Croydon Planning for the purpose of securing Addiscombe residents opinions of two proposals for the area (Ref DM29.1 & DM29.2)

Any comments regarding the proposals must be received by 5th December 2013. I have scanned the handout to JPegs a bit cumbersome but the only available method.

Croydon Local Plan

In my opinion these proposals have very little impact overall, the exception being that it will further constrain where high density social housing will be constructed, creating even higher density in the centre. I feel the burden of the proposed 20,000 housing units should be borne equally across the borough.

I am concerned that many “hard to reach” residents, particularly the young and minority groups, will not be fairly represented.

I am more interested in Proposal DM32.1, which is immediately adjacent to southwest Addiscombe, but was not discussed in meeting. No doubt I have missed out some people (& included some who attended), in that case could it please be forwarded to them

Rod Davies

PS. Link to the plan on the Croydon Council Website:


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