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ECCO AGM 2019 Minutes ECCO accounts 2018-19

AGM 12/07/2018

AGM 08/07/2017

AGM 11/07/2016

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Ordinary meeting 11/07/2016

Ordinary meeting 02/12/2015

Ordinary meeting 03/03/2015

Ordinary meeting 10/11/2014

Ordinary meeting 07/10/2014


5 responses to “Public Meetings

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  3. Well it was a meeting that exceeded our expectations, about 60 people attended, and full of creativity.
    We shall be writing up the ideas from the groups and posting them on the website.
    I hope to be able to email everyone to keep in contact. For those that didn’t leave or don’t have an email address, we’ll be get some letters out. We would like everyone to let us have their email address so that we can keep in touch.


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