Croydon Park Hotel, Altyre Road, in administration @thecroydonpark @yourcroydon #eastcroydon


While the hotel had been closed to visitors since lockdown measures were introduced on 23 March, it had been used by Croydon Council to provide temporary accommodation for key workers, as well as shielded accommodation for vulnerable people in the local community. That arrangement came to an end on 14 June.

All 91 members of staff have been made redundant.

Click here for more information from The Caterer

4 responses to “Croydon Park Hotel, Altyre Road, in administration @thecroydonpark @yourcroydon #eastcroydon

  1. Dear sirs
    I paid one year for the gym in Croydon Park hotel from 2020 beginning . Do I get back my membership funds .
    Mrs Joolee Torto


      • I have been informed that Croydon Park Hotel is in administration. Apparently I paid the gym for one year in the Croydon park hotel’s gym. Can you help me on who I can write to in order to get back my monies


      • Hi, Joolee. East Croydon Community Organisation is a small voluntary group. I am afraid that we cannot help you in this matter. Perhaps you could ask Citizens Advice.


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