East Croydon – One Way Traffic for Lebanon Road?

The issue of traffic management for Lebanon and Cedar Roads has been kicked about for years, and nothing has ever happened. Until very recently the council officers and the various elected officials have tended to ignore it, despite at least two petitions from local residents. At the heart of the arguments is whether Lebanon Road should be made one-way for all or part of its length.

There are voices on all sides of this. However, it has come to light that the council does intend to make Lebanon Road partially one-way – but it may well be the wrong part. So what are the options?

Do Nothing: Favoured by some residents who don’t regard the weight of traffic to be a problem and want to be able to travel in both directions along Lebanon Road.

One-Way All the Way (South Bound) – Favoured by residents close to the junction with Addiscombe Rd, by the tram stop, and by those in the northern half of Lebanon Road. The argument for this is that Addiscombe Court Rd is already one-way (North Bound) and that the cause of most traffic related anti-social behaviour is caused by vehicles travelling in different directions. It is argued that by making Lebanon Rd one-way that the flow of traffic would improve and there would be a reduction in anti-social behaviour and damaged to parked vehicles.

One-Way in Northern Half (South Bound): One Way south bound from the junction of Lebanon and Cedar Roads to Leslie Park Road. This option provides some of the benefits of “One Way All the Way” by reducing the use of the area as a rat-run between Addiscombe & Lower Addiscombe Roads. It allows vehicles to enter the area from both Addiscombe and Lower Addiscombe Roads.

One-Way/ Both Ways from the Middle: A fascinating hybrid proposed by the council at one time, and may be resurrected. This option is for Lebanon Road to be split at the junction with Cedar Road, with the Southern half being one-way South Bound and the Northern half being one-way North bound. Access to Lebanon Rd would only be via Cedar Road, and it facilitates the flow of traffic along the Brickwood, Cedar, Lebanon Roads rat-run and it is probably that it would result in a increase in north-bound traffic across the area.

One-Way in the Southern Half: One-way south bound from the Lebanon and Cedar Road junction. Cars that currently enter the south half of Lebanon Rd from Addiscombe Road would probably simply divert to Brickwood and other roads joining Addiscombe Road and flow into Cedar Road and the northern half of Lebanon Road. This model is allegedly favoured by the council. This may be because the council want to retain the Cedar Rd / Lebanon Rd route as a ready established diversion route for traffic that would normally Cherry Orchard Rd when the construction works on the Post Office and Menta sites commences. It was recently noticeable that when Addiscombe Grove was closed for road works that there was a sudden increase in traffic flowing through the East Croydon residential area.

There have been various responses from the council when requests for changes to the traffic flow have been requested. The most recent is that the council would have to canvass opinions from across the area, and it is likely that the residents of Addiscombe Court, Tunstall, Canning, Elgin and other roads would put up stiff opposition, just in case any of the traffic started to use their currently very quiet roads.

If we consider traffic management to be a serious issue for our area then we need to voice our concerns in concert and debate the options.

My own view is that the best option is One-Way All the Way and second best is One-Way in the North Half. I believe that the other options merely serve to facilitate existing traffic flows through our area and probably make it worse. Until we reduce traffic flows, the public space will be dominated by cars, our homes will continue to be covered in grime from exhausts and the young and the old will be at risk. There have been enough incidents over the years, and we are entitled to a modicum of peaceful enjoyment.

However we need to hear your views, for and against.

Rod Davies – 86 Lebanon Rd

4 responses to “East Croydon – One Way Traffic for Lebanon Road?

  1. 07:35 Tuesday morning closed front door on way to work and encountered articulated flat-back lorry with a load of sand for Jewsons stuck at the junction of Cedar & Lebanon Roads trying to make the turn and avoid taking a sizeable proportion out of the roof of my car. As I helped him back up, I was surprised that somewhere around 15 cars had formed a queue, many appearing to have the expectation to be able to drive through the lorry.
    About 20:00 as I went down the road to cashpoint some idiot in a black Nissan 4×4 raced along the road about 40mph without pausing for any of the speed humps.
    gets better everyday!


  2. Another party leaflet dropped through the door about half an hour ago from the Conservative Party. Despite them recognising that traffic is a major costly problem for us and the Conservative Party being in power in the Council, they can’t get round to telling us one way or another if they will ensure that effective traffic calming measures will be implemented.
    Instead they heap blame upon the Labour councillors for not doing anything to change the situation. Not that the Labour Party is in control of the Council.
    I am aware having lobbied both Conservative & Labour councillors regarding this matter for years, that our local councillors have tried hard to get things changed. Most recently Cllr Watson proposed that the top end (south) of Lebanon should be restricted to prevent traffic entering from Addiscombe Rd. Apparently it had support of officers. However Cllr Thomas the Conservative cabinet member for highways blocked this proposal.
    I am not a traditional Labour Party voter, and since the 1970’s have voted for them only once. But I deplore the rank dishonesty that has crept into the local elections.


  3. Yesterday’s Lebanon Rd Big Lunch was fascinating. It was a Sunday morning and still we managed to have a couple of minor traffic jams caused by people simply not being considerate. I was also surprised by the number of young children living in the street, and it highlighted just how limited young people’s freedom is due to the hazards posed by traffic.
    However, the good news is that Cllr Mark Watson has arranged for the traffic management officer to come down and look at the situation again. There is now Option 3 on the table which is to make the section between Cartlodge Mews and Cedar Rd one-way. Hopefully this time we will get some action!


  4. A brief conversation in the street with Cllr Mark Watson proved encouraging and informative.
    The council is committed to making the streets 20 mph, which should help encourage drivers to use the main roads.
    And there is to be some consultation soon about Lebanon Rd being made one-way along its entire length. So as soon as this begins people need to engage and express their views.


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